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Billie Holiday - Complete Billie Holiday-Lester Young (3 CD) 1937-1946

Billie Holiday - Complete Billie Holiday - Lester Young (3 CD) - 1937-1946
320 Kbs

Cd 1
01. He ainґt got rhythm
02. This yearґs kisses
03. Why was I born
04. I must have that man
05. Sun showers
06. Yours and mine
07. Mean to me (price master)
08. Mean to me
09. Foolinґ myself
10. Easy living
11. Iґll never be the same
12. Me, myself and I
13. Me, myself and I (price master)
14. A sailboat in the moonlight
15. Born to love
16. Without your love (price master)
17. Without your love
18. Getting some fun out of life
19. Who wants love
20. Travґlinґ all alone
21. Heґs funny that way
21. Heґs funny that way

CD 2
01. My first impression of you
02. My first impression of you (prise master)
03. When you're smiling (prise master)
04. When you're smiling
05. I can't believe you're in love with me
06. I can't believe you're in love with me (prise master)
07. If dreams come true (prise master)
08. If dreams come true
09. Now they call it swing
10. Now they call it swing (prise master)
11. Back in your own backyard (prise master)
12. Back in your own backyard
13. When a woman loves a man
14. The very thought of you
15. I can't get started (prise master)
16. I can't get started
17. I've got a date with a dream
18. I've got a date with a dream (prise master)
19. You can't be mine
20. Everybody's laughing
21. Here is to-morrow again
22. Say it with a kiss.mp3

01. The man I love (Lester ts solo)
02. You're just a no-account (Lester ts solo)
03. You're a lucky guy (Lester ts solo)
04. I'm pulling through (Lester ts solo)
05. Laughing at life (prise master) (Lester ts solo et obbligato)
06. Laughing at life (Lester ts solo et obbligato)
07. Time on my hands (Lester ts obbligato)
08. The man I love (Lester ts obbligato)
09. Let's do it (prise master)
10. Let's do it (Lester ts solo)
11. All of me (prise master) (Lester ts solo)
12. All of me (Lester ts solo)
13. All of me (Lester ts solo)
14. I cried for you (Lester ts obbligato)
15. Fine and mellow (Lester ts obbligato)
16. He's funny that way (Lester ts obbligato)
17. The man I love(Lester ts obbligato)
18. Gee Baby, ain't I good to you (Lester ts obbligato)
19. All of me (Lester ts obbligato)
20. Billie's blues (I love my man)


Billie Holiday - Jazz at the Philharmonic - 1947-1958, release 1994
320 Kbs

01. Body and Soul
02. Strange Fruit
03. I Cried for You
04. Fine and Mellow
05. He's Funny That Way
06. The Man I Love
07. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?
08. All of Me
09. Billie's Blues (aka I Love My Man)
10. Trav'lin' Light
11. He's Funny That Way
12. Norman Granz Announcement
13. You Better Go Now
14. You're Driving Me Crazy
15. There Is No Greater Love
16. I Cover the Waterfront
17. Norman Granz Announcement
18. Willis Conover Announcement
19. Johnny Mercer Announcement
20. Fanfare from "Oh, Lady Be Good"
21. Nice Work if You Can Get It
22. Willow Weep for Me
23. My Man
24. Lover Come Back to Me
25. Lady Sings the Blues
26. What a Little Moonlight Can Do
27. Fanfare from "Oh, Lady Be Good" with Announcement
28. Leonard Feather Announcement
29. I Wished on the Moon
30. Lover Man


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